Matthias Lenz, KPA-CTP

Matthias Lenz has 10 years’ experience as a professional dog trainer, and is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP). He is a Supporting Member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC), and currently serves as Chair of the Working Animals Division.


An engaged and well-respected member of the international dog training community, he has written and published several articles in the peer-reviewed IAABC journal, and has presented his work at international conferences and events, including the 2019 Assistance Dogs International (ADI)conference.


Born in Switzerland, alongside two Tibetan terriers and a menagerie of other pets, Matthias always dreamed of working with animals. His experiences traveling, working, and living abroad eventually led him to Vancouver, Canada, where he started working with dogs professionally in 2011.


In 2016, he transitioned into working with service dogs at a local service dog organization. In his current role as Manager of the Puppy Raising Program he oversees the early training for service dog puppies in preparation for guide, autism, and PTSD service dog work.